#SWW15 is already full of useful info for SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015

The SOLIDWoRKS World hashtag is something that started way-back-when during the early days of Twitter.  You can still check the old tweets under #SWW09, which supposedly trended on Twitter during SolidWorks World 2009.  Many years later, many more services now support hashtagging.

SOLIDWORKS World 2015’s hashtag is #sww15, and it is already being filling up with useful information on Twitter and Google+. Check it out, and keep following them for the lastest!

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Power and Connectivity Strategy at SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015

[UPDATE: 2/2/2015: Wifi will be available throughout the conference areas]

Keeping power hungry mobile and portable devices fed (charged) presents a unique challenge in the 21st Century.   This appearently was a real problem recently at the International CES 2015 in Las Vegas this year, according to some reports.

Keeping connected to the Internet also presents challenges.  There is a lot going on at SolidWorks World.  It is a big event with thousands of tech savvy attendees with tons of devices, competing with resources to keep them feed and connected.  Granted, keeping a smartphone charged is pretty dang cheap.  However, finding an electrical outlet is the issue at hand.


Phoenix Convention CenterIf you are using your smartphone to keep your schedule (like I do), you’ll be accessing it more often than you might on a normal day.  In addition, you’ll likely be messaging (texting, FB messenging, etc.) and using other social media communication more frequently, too.  Normally, your smartphone’s battery charge may last a day or two without any worries.  No day at SolidWorks World is normal.  Even on the most battery efficient devices, you are likely to need power to recharge at some point during the day.

Have a spare battery or extended-life remote battery on hand, whether you are using a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or any combination thereof.   Wherever you happen to find yourself, be sure to scope out power outlets.  This applies while you are at the conference, and more so also after hours while you are out and about and when your device is most likely to be low on power.  (If you are spending extra time at an airport on stop-overs on your way to the conference, this can be particularly challenging.)

During the day, if you have a smartphone and a laptop, you can charge your phone from the laptop via the normal USB connection.  Finally, the most obvious thing of all, don’t forget any of the charging cables.

If you are plugged into a random outlet or loaning your charger temporarily to another attendee, don’t forget to grab your charging cable before taking off to your next destination!  If you forget it, you will likely never see it again, for various reasons.  This particularly applies to breakout session speakers who may get distracted at the end of their presentation by people rushing up to the podium to introduce themselves and ask further questions.  Am I speaking from personal experience?  Maybe.

Staying Connected

Staying connected is the whole reason we carry around smartphones and tablets.  That means you always need an awareness of WiFi hotspots.  Those of us with smartphones may not be tethered.  However, don’t rely on cellphone carrier signal for data connections while in a conference room.  Even smartphones on a free data plan may need to switch over to WiFi to access the Internet at some point to Facebook, Foursquare or Flickr.  Something new this year: SOLIDWORKS World will provide WiFi throughout the conference area.  In other words, the conference itself will be one gigantic hotspot.  One of the main locations will be near the Partner Pavilion.

All this means that you’ll need to scope out the locations of these hotspots a head of time so you aren’t left without data connection at an inconvenient moment.  Hotspots should be shown on the conference map.  Keep in mind that there will be many other people accessing WiFi at the same time, so please avoid downloading big files or streaming videos.  I always recommend hitting the hotspots for specific connectivity needs, then quickly moving on.

Good luck and I hope to see you at SolidWorks World 2015!


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Just over two week until SWW15

SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015 Agenda header

Just over two weeks remain.  There’s still time to sign up and plan to go to SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015.

I’m presenting 3 sessions this year:  Two identical hands-on sessions on new Drawing Zones functionality in SOLIDWORKS 2015; and one breakout session to introduce the topic of Model Based Definition in the context of SOLIDWORKS.

There are many other great SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015 sessions, well over 200!  Below is just a short sample.


Surfacing with Style by Charles Culp – Discussion of best techniques for creating sketch profiles in SOLIDWORKS, and when to use each tool; with  emphasis on the Style Spline sketch tool, and why it can be a superior tool for generating elegant curves.

Creating Company SOLIDWORKS Standards by Greg Johnson – Based on industry experience, how to create company modeling and drawing standards, include items to document are not.

What You Didn’t Know About Assemblies and Mating—2015 by Daniel Herzberg – Overview of several mid-level assembly tools that many SOLIDWORKS users have likely never had the opportunity to learn, such as Advanced Mates and Interference Detection, as well as the many assembly enhancements launched in the past year.

SOLIDWORKS Compliance to Standards, Including MIL-STD-31000 by Rich Eckenrode – Learn about new SOLIDWORKS MBD tool that achieves compliance to MIL-STD-31000 appendix B.  They will also gain insight into experiences using the MBD tool.

Working with BOMs So They Don’t Work You by Annie Cheung – Learn about all of the types, options, and tools available in SOLIDWORKS Bill Of Materials (BOMs) to build more efficient and informative BOMs.

Configuring SOLIDWORKS Toolbox by John Van Engen – Gain the power of SOLIDWORKS Toolbox by adding your own custom holes, fasteners, and part numbers! Learn how to configure and customize SOLIDWORKS Hole Wizard and Toolbox.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Accelerating the Design Process by Arunachalam Thiraviam – Benefits of incorporating SOLIDWORKS simulation into the product design workflow. It is geared toward introducing new simulation users to the capabilities of the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard.

SOLIDWORKS API for Total Beginners by Keith Rice – This session will walk you through the creation of a powerful macro from scratch, and you’ll learn about the three foundational skills of SOLIDWORKS API programming and what resources can help you achieve proficiency.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Hands-On Test Drive by Lotfi Derbal – Attendees will learn how to use SOLIDWORKS Plastics to optimize their plastics part and injection mold designs.

The World Is Still Flat: Everything You Need to Know About Drawing Views by Rachel Diane York – Drawings have many elements, the most important being Drawing Views. We will discuss and practice creating views to help users lay the proper foundation for beautiful drawings.

Drawings Top Ten list from years past: SWW2013

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Past Years Drawings Top Ten

The top ten Drawings specific ideas submitted to SolidWorks World 2013 Top Ten list were heavily focused on dimensions and drawing views.

SolidWorks World 2013 Top Ten Drawings Ideas

  1. Create auxiliary line for dimensioning angles – Implemented in SW2015
  2. Perimeter Dimension or Total Length Dimension
  3. Allow mirroring of drawing views in the drawing
  4. Isometric view break
  5. Ability to create half dimensions (Option to change any dimension line to foreshortened)
  6. On drawings, zoom to fit should ignore view bounding boxes – Implemented in SW2015
  7. Don’t re-size center marks with scale of drawing view or sheet
  8. Ability to create Alternate position view on sectioned/broken-out section view
  9. Make an easy interface to modify format of hole callouts (without having to edit calloutformat.txt)
  10. Projected view of a break view should have option ‘align breaks with parent’ enabled by default

As of SOLIDWORKS 2015, the implementation for the SWW13 list is 20%.  Create auxiliary line for dimensioning angles was the only Drawings idea to get onto the official SolidWorks World 2013 Top Ten list.

Voting is now open on the current SOLIDWORKS World 2015 Top Ten list.  Vote on as many ideas as you wish!  Just remember, you have to logon to see the ideas and vote for them.

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